LIFEPAK 20e Defibrillator

The LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator is a top-performing defibrillator and an essential component to any crash cart, clinic, or hospital. This LIFEPAK has brilliant technology packed into an easy-to-use interface, providing ample resuscitation technology which allows hospitals to meet Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) standards. This AED is perfect for BLS-trained rescuers, and offers a manual setting for ALS-trained rescuers.

Superior Heart Health

The advanced technology of the LIFEPAK 20e provides seamless cardiac care. ADAPTIV biphasic technology is the most efficient, effective, and safe waveform for defibrillation after an SCA. The shock advisory feature on this device provides audio and visual cues and instructions that will guide rescuers through the resuscitation process, bringing calm to chaotic situations. For hard-to-defibrillate patients, this device has escalating shock energy up to 360 Joules, so rescuers can provide refibrilllation when necessary. Most importantly, the cprMAX technology platform allows rescuers to increase hands-on defibrillation time and reduce lapses between compressions and shock administration, buying time when seconds matter most. 

Comprehensive Cardiac Care

Easy fluctuation between automated and manual settings on the LIFEPAK 20e allows providers flexibility during treatment. For ALS-trained professionals, manual mode allows more data collection and manipulation, including MASIMO SET pulse-ox monitors, which will provide real-time statistics on the patient’s oxygen saturation. For hospitals and clinics, you can easily adjust the defibrillator settings to fit your patient protocols. 

Reliability and Readiness

The LIFEPAK 20e is an upgraded version of the reliable LIFEPAK 20, and this newer version includes brilliant battery technology. The 20e Lithium battery allows extended operating time, and the device display now includes a battery status indicator. Another upgrade featured in the 20e is an improved design of the backup battery, making the LIFEPAK more trustworthy. This device will perform daily self-checks and alert users of any issues with the AED or the battery, so you can maximize your preparedness and minimize your worries. 

The Lifepak 20e is the smart technology that you need in all settings where patients are treated. 

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